Our story

Welcome to Adkins Adventures veteran owned and operated.

We at Adkins Adventures are a brokage company in the business of making your adventure stress free.

We take care of all the planning, preparation, and scheduling for you. It is our goal to make your adventure the very best experience you will ever have.

Whether it is hunting or just going along with a loved one to observe and enjoy the experience.

We have outfitters that are tested and proven to make sure you as a hunter are offered the best fair chase hunting experience possible.

Mr. Adkins is a seasoned hunter and has made many trips to South Africa and hunted many areas in our great USA. With his experience and contacts, he is able to walk you through all the necessary steps that will make your adventure stress free.

Mr. Adkins firmly believes that conservation and ethical hunting go hand in hand, and he lives it.

Mr. Adkins was a marksman instructor while on active duty and applies those skills in his hunting adventures.

Years Mr. Adkins had dreamed of having an organization that will provide and opportunity for not just the hunters but for those that want to experience the beautiful mountains and plains of South Africa.

Our Mission

To provide a hunting safari experience that will last a lifetime for those with an adventurous spiritl

Why Choose Us

Benefit 1

We do all the planning based on your wants and needs.

Stress free: We guide you through all the forms that you will need.

We book the flights, so everyone is on the same schedule.

Benefit 2

Once in country and you have met the outfitter and guides.

Everything you need for your adventure is covered.  If there

Is something special that was not covered in the forms

All you need to do is ask.


Don't let "What If's" haunt your memories

This is your chance to make memories for a lifetime!